What is Domain Authority and Why Does it Matter?

In the SEO world, domain authority is a very important score to watch as a company establishes a marketing strategy. It’s also one of the more complicated terms to explain because of the technical nature of Google Algorithms and meta-tags and HTML coding. I won’t bore you with those details.

My definition always revolves around the term itself. Domain authority. I think of domain as your industry, and authority is self-explanatory. How much authority do you have in your industry? Do customers come to you first because they know you’ve got the answers? Where do you think your business ranks on a score of 1 to 100 if that were the exact measure?

The action items into getting a higher domain authority score are a bit more complex than where  you stand with customers, although still very intertwined. Much of SEO relies on updating the title tags, meta-tags, and descriptions on every page of your website. This ensures that when a potential customer is searching for a keyword in a particular area, they find the right site or information in search results – and preferably the site is yours!

Secondly, creating content that can span all of your engagement channels (website blog, social media, local directories, etc.), will boost this effort even further. If you have a FAQs page, that’s a great start! But now people want to know more. Look at competitor’s sites to see the kind of engagement they have going and think about your audience. What do they care about? Is there seasonality in your business that can be leveraged?

Third, but probably the most important, is remembering that the only way to increase this score is to be seen as competitive in search engines, and search engines look for link building. How many internal/external links do you have? Are you on local directories that can easily link back to your site for more information? Are you working with local businesses to support each other in this effort of building a community for your customers?

Check in on these various aspects of your SEO and constantly check your domain authority score (consider benchmarking moz.com to check your scores in one click) – it’s a great metric to gauge your current place in the market.