The Marriage Between Video and SEO

The Marriage Between Video and SEO

Over 100 million people are watching online videos every day, according to comScore. Yes, some of those people are only watching the viral cat videos that seem to dominate YouTube, but many are looking for information about products or services, and will hopefully land on your site.

History of Video Marketing

Video marketing has always been a major way to get customers’ eyes on your business. It started with television commercials, which only large, multi-national corporations could afford, to direct 30 seconds of pure genius at the average viewer. Then, technology shoved commercials to the side, temporarily, by allowing a viewer to fast-forward through commercials. Only if a company had a really catchy or funny commercial, would the viewer watch.

Now, we’re in the age of the internet where television and advertisements are much more business-friendly. The viewer can’t fast-forward through YouTube ads or commercials via online channels, unless they pay a premium.  [Additionally, infomercials are being used to promote a product as well as educate us and give us tips.]

However, in addition to capturing the intended audience for a very short frame of time, the viewer has to find the video first.

Why SEO is Crucial to the Success of Video Marketing

Imagine you’ve spent a few thousand dollars on a video series describing your business, the many offerings and potential promotions coming up, and even sprinkled in some fabulous animations that would make anyone giggle in their seats. You post the video series, over time, to YouTube, and watch as the number of views amount to 5 or 10 at the end of each week.

What went wrong?

Search Engine Optimization is the only method to get your videos visible. In addition to posting to high domain sites like YouTube, the keywords you tag the video with, and the linking between the video and the website, are crucial in attracting customers. What’s the call-to-action in your video if it doesn’t lead somewhere?

Even if there is a call-to-action at the end of the video or plastered all over the YouTube or Vimeo channel, are your customers finding the video through simple organic searches? Companies spend a lot of money on websites and SEO, and therefore video needs to be incorporated into the website as much as it is on YouTube.

With the right strategies in place, a good SEO company will be able to work with you and your videographer to create high quality and high trafficked videos.

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