Struggling With Facebook – You’re Not Alone

Small Businesses find ROI in Social Media but Struggle with Facebook. Good article from  Now, read this from a recent Forbes article:

Social guru Ted Rubin isn’t surprised one bit—and says it’s because the small business community’s expectations of social media platforms, how they’re using them and the reality of the technology are simply way out of whack. He should know—as the Chief Social Marketing Officer ofCollective Bias , a FORBES Most Promising Company that drives retail sales through coordinated creation of social media stories and which recently raised a $10 million round—the man lives and breathes online.

“First of all, small business owners are being sold on the strategy of social by ‘experts’ who are trying to get them to pay to set up accounts,” Rubin says, talking, of course, of firms not unlike his own who manage social media platforms for businesses. “But more importantly, their expectations are being set up in the wrong way.” Set up, it seems, for failure.



First up, if an expert or strategist tries to sell you on the notion that setting up a Facebook page or Twitter handle (or even a LinkedIn company page) will open the floodgates to an Internet’s worth of sales leads, they’re selling you some bad medicine. “It’s not going to cut it,” Rubin says. “Social actually can be a powerful lead generator,” Rubin says, but not in the way SBOs think. Jumping online to check in on Facebook once a day or posting current sales deals isn’t going to bring the business in. It just isn’t.

Instead, he says the only real way to use social to bring in new sales is to dedicate a staffer (think low-level, he says,) …