Manifesto for Business Owners and Marketing Directors

I had to share this with you because it gets at the heart of why we do marketing and why it’s important to try new things — after all marketing is science AND art (and /humanities/human behavior)! Write this on your mind and let be a source of motivation to you.

Source: Rand Fishkin,, 2012

[your name] pledge to create something remarkable … Something that people will love … Something they will want to share … Something I can be proud of. And if it fails to achieve my marketing goals, I won’t give up. I will try again.

marketing manifesto source Rand Fishkin Moz 2012

From Content Marketing Manifesto, Rand Fishkin 2012

My failures will be the practice I need … To earn future successes … And future customers.

Note: This was part of a presentation on Content Marketing but I find it applicable to marketing in general.