Making Your Site Relevant – SEO and Relevance

Did you know that relevance is a key factor used by the major search engines to determine page rank? First, what is page rank? Page rank is the term used by Google, since the inception and launch of their search engine, to determine the rankings or positions for websites and each of the pages of a website. Yes, pages can be ranked just as easily as a website. In fact, when you think about it, people often search for a topic or service of interest. So, it’s a websites “Services” page that you want to appear. Agile optimizes each page on a website with special focus on Services or Products pages.

Relevance is a measure of how consistent the website is around one or more themes. When a website purports to be about purses and accessories but is actually about cosmetics, the “relevance” of the site and its pages drops and so does page rank. So, TIP — be consistent around one or more themes, talk about semi-related services and products in your Blog Posts and social media business Posts but not on your website. Keep your website’s navigation descriptive of your primary business themes and when creating new content (pages) on your site, be consistent in primary themes. For more on relevance, drop us a line or better yet, request a free consultation over the phone or in-person.