Is SEO a Waste of Money?

Alan Koenigsberg, Founder and Sr. Director of Agile Search Marketing wrote the following rebuttal to the recent article by Raj Jha titled Why Law Firm SEO is a Waste of Money in Practice Alchemy Blog:

I don’t find the argument compelling that SEO “guys” are attempting to circumvent the system. Further, it’s not fair to lump those in the SEO industry who “game” the system with those who seek to follow the rules and employ “white hat” techniques. SEO professionals work hard to create alignment with best practices that have, over the last few years, increasingly become more common sense. It is now much more difficult to “game” the system — those who seek to game the system normally employ “black hat” techniques. Find SEO professionals that use only “white hat” techniques and can tweek the plumbing of your website so that each page can be crawled and is visible by the search engines. This is true SEO and it is being practiced by many professionals.

Posted on 12/30/14. Copyright Agile Search Marketing.