Implementing “Catalyst Moments” for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

The blogosphere continually focuses its energy on large corporations who have the leveraging power and reputation to publically show off the good they’re doing for the world. And while they are pushing towards a better future, smaller companies feel lost in their dust.

However, we can all learn from what the larger businesses are doing and implement our own strategies to do good!

3 Easy Steps for Creating a Catalyst Moment:

1)      Be transparent with your customers. The only reason Chipotle consumers were well aware of the “ban on pork” was because they were very transparent with the bad news about their suppliers and why things were changing in the stores. The employees were trained on how to answer the ultimate question: “Where are the carnitas?!”

2)      Be the change you wish to see in your industry. Is there something that peeves you about the industry you work in? Talk about it! Work against it, if possible, andcatalyst moments death to stock content make sure your customers know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it – especially if you’re working against what may be an old myth or common practice.

3)      Stay up to date with the current news and trends within your industry. Maybe there’s a lawsuit against a competitor and you happen to stumble upon information that could help inform your consumers of the truths behind the lawsuit or general practices. Keep in mind, these moments of truth are perfect times to whip out your blog-writing skills and quickly inform your consumers through content.

Remember, just because your business may not be in the major news stations, local sites may want to focus their attention on you: the transparent, knowledgeable and noteworthy business in the community!

Source: How Great Brands create Catalyst Moments