Google’s New Look & How Your Business is Effected

What do we know about Google’s algorithm changes? Not much! All we DO know is that Google is a search engine, and therefore, their goal is to perfect the user experience in the customer’s search. If the user searches and doesn’t click on the first organic listing or the advertisements, this is considered a failure and the system takes many actions into account, and resets for the next time.

The look of a general Google Search Result Page (SERP) was the following structure: The top 2-3 listings are advertisements (through Google Adwords), the listings below are organic search results (company websites, Yelp, Facebook, etc.), and then on the right hand side there are some more ads. See Below:

Old SERP_AgileSearchMarketing_ConversationWorksSource

Now, there are no ads on the right hand side, meaning the top 5-6 listings are ads, pushing the organic results further down the page (in many cases, below the fold), or a Google Maps local listing area above the organic results (shown below).

What does this mean for Search Engine Marketers and businesses?

Googles New SERP _ Agile Search Marketing _ Online Marketing_ Business Mrketing

  • Local is becoming more and more important as mobile search overtakes desktop, almost making desktop searches obsolete. If you’re not already there, make sure your business has a Google Business page and that all the information is accurate. It wouldn’t hurt to ask some clients for a review there as well.
  • Advertising: You might have been holding off on advertising online because the CPC (cost per click) in your industry is very high. That may not be an option anymore. With the focus on local and complementing your organic search marketing strategy, you can ensure that your cost is low while still generating leads. Contact us for more information about online advertising options.
  • Make absolutely sure your Organic Marketing Strategy is up to par. Every page and new blog post should have unique title tags and meta tags, and every piece of content on your website should be valuable to your end user. Additionally, your content should be social media-friendly. Would you want to read your own article if it showed up in your Facebook or LinkedIn newsfeed?