Google Gets A Happy Birthday

Google Turns 18

Granted there may be up to 4 different days (and we’ve heard 8) Google could celebrate, nevertheless Happy Birthday Google. Who would have guessed that AltaVista and Yahoo! would be dwarfed by the slicker Google search engine back in 1998. As you may (or may not) recall, Yahoo! delivered a table of contents type of search engine which worked when the amount of data was relatively small. As data grew through websites, e-commerce, information, ads, etc. in the late 1980’s Google came along with a search engine that delivered on the promise of serving results based on queries. Look where all this has gone!

Agile Search Marketing has been a Google Partner for 8 of those 18 years. Founder Alan Koenigsberg taught classes on creating websites in HTML and in editors like FrontPage back in the mid-1990’s when many people in the tech industry questioned the theory that the World Wide Web could grow exponentially without something breaking that would cause the whole project to fall on its knees. As VP of an international Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the late 1990’s, companies in metro areas like the San Francisco Bay Area were investing in what was the fastest and most affordable way to receive and transmit data, T-1 lines. Today, the equivalent of the T1 line can make it into the home in many parts of the developed world.

Today, we have super-fast backbone networks crisscrossing continents, satellites and new forms of data transmission such as weather-like balloons being tested by the likes of Facebook, Google and others as part of initiatives taken by both companies to expand the reach of the Internet to underdeveloped areas of the world.

No one questions the reliability and stability of the Internet and it’s attention-grabbing component, the World Wide Web. What a beginning and how exciting it is to live in this day and age when communication is just a click away.

Alan Koenigsberg, CEO
Agile Search Marketing