Creating Content You Would Read

Creating Content You Would Read

Blogging tends to be the bane of a small business owner’s existence. The idea of sitting down in the middle of a busy day to write 500 words about the business they need more time to run is terrifying. I get it! No one wants to waste time on something their customersblogging might not even read. And we won’t even discuss video marketing right now – a whole other monster to tackle.

What I believe is focused least on, is that you should be writing content that you, as a consumer, would read. Yes, as an SEO marketing professional, I understand the benefit of blasting every part of your marketing strategy with keywords relevant to the industry. And you definitely should do that. But, it doesn’t always have to be about your business or even related at all! You’re a human being, too, and have interests outside the walls of your business. Because online marketing has become a platform where businesses and consumers engage in conversation, your customers know that your life doesn’t revolve around your core business model. You might have kids. You might have played a sport in college and almost went pro. You might have even gone pro. Do your customers really feel connected to you if they don’t know these things? Probably not.

I love writing and creating content, but even I need a break from my day job. I love fashion (even if I can rarely afford the things I pin on Pinterest), and especially jewelry. I even create jewelry in my spare time and sell it on Etsy. I love getting involved in local community events, I play basketball with friends at least once a week, and I’m trying to get into running because I think everyone who runs has that physical outlet that can be accomplished anywhere. I’m a fairly picky eater but a meal with friends or family is usually my favorite part of my day. Bam! 100 different blog articles in just a couple sentences. Now, I just need to channel that energy and get writing.

I can write about any one of those things next week, and although it doesn’t directly relate to SEO, I know that my clients are interested and would take the 10 minutes to read that blog post. They might even want to purchase my jewelry! The possibilities are endless! Point of the story: write about what you love. It can start out being about the business, maybe even providing your background or why you love what you do is a good start, and then maybe the next one is indirectly related. But every once in a while it’s okay to traverse the edge of your business-psyche and treat your consumers like friends. They’ll love you even more than before.

Take a minute and write down your passions in life. I bet a number of them can be put into a riveting blog series that will keep your customers coming back for more.