Alan Comments on Entrepreneur article

Alan Koenigsberg, founder and Sr. Director at Agile Search Marketing commented today on an article in Entrepreneur magazine titled Should You Focus on SEO or Pay-Per-Click Marketing? Read Alan’s comment . Alan has posted in the past that the answer is not either / or but both. They are strategies that complement one another. As the article states, “many companies turn to digital marketing agencies to handle their pay-per-click management.” And Agile has been quite successful in implementing and managing PPC campaigns for its clients. We’ve seen consistent returns in the 60 – 90% ROI range for some clients. This won’t be the case in every situation because competitive factors differ from industry to industry. We take that into account however and advise according to testing and empirical results that are available. One thing not mentioned in the article or comment is video — video has been shown to result in significantly higher click-through-rates and video can be used in a remarketing campaign. According to Online Publishers Association and an article by Ludlow Media, 16% of customers who watch online video ads will purchase.