Agile’s Website Redesign

Agile’s Website Redesign

If you’re a returning user to our page, you’ll notice some distinct differences in the look and feel of Agile’s website. We’ve recently undergone a redesign to enhance the user experience on a number of different levels and hope to receive feedback from our valued readers in the coming months!

Why did Agile redesign?

This question gets at a core issue many businesses have with regards to their websites, and sometimes even the products and services they offer. Essentially, the website is your business’ card, lead generation tool, authority in the industry, and often times, your online store.

In our case, we wanted to answer clients’ questions upfront about the packages we offer, detailed explanations of services, and, without being too verbose, keep informing the reader of the newest digital trends that could be affecting the online health of the company.

What are Agile’s intentions moving forward with this new site?

We hope that by redesigning and adding some valuable tools for clients and readers, we’re being transparent and educational about the world of SEO and all its components. If you’ve worked with us or any other SEO company previously, you know that it’s not just some HTML coding in the back end of the site. Every service we offer and the customized strategies implemented lead towards higher ranking and the fulfillment of business goals.