Agile Services

We’re asked frequently — what exactly do you do? 1) We partner with your web developer and social media consultant; 2) we find out what keywords and phrases prospects and future clients are using to find companies in your industry.  3) We apply the results to what is called on-page optimization, usually with your web developer or we take a hands-on approach and diligently work on every page of your site to get the highest rank possible for that page. 4) Next, we research the most valuable external links for your site — the more high quality links to your site, the higher your domain authority and page authority will be. We are highly experienced in search engine optimization and PayPerClick advertising.  Read more about the differences. We employ various strategies to make your business highly visible in a way that is cost-effective and budget-wise. We don’t stop there — marketing and gaining online conversions is an ongoing process and we work with you every step of the way!