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Remember when there was no Google? Remember when all of marketing a company was on billboards and in newspapers? We do too. While that all exists and is a player in a company’s success, there are a couple new behemoths playing in the game of marketing. A company’s SEO can be a way to rapidly scale a new startup and in equal velocity, rapidly deteriorate an established company. Social media can give a company a fresh personality and a way to connect with a whole new base of potential consumers. But, look, we get it. It is tough, and we know not every company has the time to deal with digital marketing. That is where we come in. As an inbound marketing agency, we provide a range of services from SEO to branding. Because of all of the different services we provide, you can imagine how much intention we put into making sure that our clients are happy. We’re happy to have found a great way to see how to go about getting that feedback.

We’ve recently begun developing our presence on Clutch – a ratings and reviews research firm based in DC. They cover digital marketing agencies and really any other industry involved in the digital world. Whether it is app developers, SEO firms, or even video production companies, Clutch does its due diligence to provide consumers quality information on firms that deliver and gives those firms like ours the ability to get unbiased feedback on our work and great content to be able to show anyone who might be looking to working with the Agile Search Marketing team. Below are a couple quotes from our first review conducted by an analyst at Clutch!

“After starting our work with Agile Search Marketing, we closed more accounts than we’d ever closed before, 30% of them coming from online.”

“Things were always structured and went according to plan. The reports were also amazing to me. I like looking at metrics, so the fact that Agile Search Marketing has taken the time to explain them in layman’s terms has been great.”

Basically, analysts at Clutch reach out to our clients to speak with them about the projects we’ve worked on with them, what went well, what could have gone better, and what the results were. We love this! It gives us great insight on what we should keep doing well and become aware if there are parts of our process that aren’t working. So far we only have one review published to our profile on Clutch, but we are ready to get some more up! Check us out on Clutch and please, as always, let us know if you have any questions about our services or just want to drop by to say hello!

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