Agile Launches Reputation Management Practice

Agile is pleased to announce the launch of its reputation management practice. This practice is currently open to new clients including CEO’s and medical, dental and legal professionals.

Agile has been operating as a digital marketing company since 2004 with a focus on the application of SEO strategy and implementation for new and existing websites. In addition, Agile began its Google AdWords practice at the same time in 2004. The company is a Google Partner.

What is reputation management? Chances are if you or someone you know has had their reputation tarnished online, you already know the answer. Reputation management is the response to inadvertent or intentional negativism that can take the form of many online actions. The response involves both strategy and rapid implementation of the strategy in order to transform the situation.

Reputation management impacts companies through different functions within a company including HR, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales. It is important that a Social Media Policy be in place as well as additional safeguards. We are in a position to make referrals to specialists who can assist in creating a Social Media Policy as well as HR consultants who can work alongside us. We invite you to stay connected with us for more.

Agile now offers this service in combination with traditional SEO strategy and implementation and monitoring services. To learn more and read about our approach, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter for monthly tips and advice. With your subscription, we’ll invite you to download white papers on subjects like this one and others. To join, fill in the form to the right of the page. Email addresses are used for internal use only.