3 Tips for SEOs To Manage SEO Effectively

SEO has become a surprising step sister to other forms of search engine marketing, inbound marketing and social media. Here are 3 tips to keep SEO in the driver seat. SEO is still the least-expensive way to generate traffic and leads to your website!

Tip 1: Don’t panic! Yes, algorithm changes are regular and can be surprising and jarring to some SEOs. Keep track of the algorithm changes – a solid approach is to track the changes that are made on the Moz.com Google Algorithm Change page. Additionally, read about Google Algorithm changes on Search Engine Land.

Tip 2: Rely on what got SEO to its prominence in the first place. On-page optimization, local search and keyword tracking should be high priority for every SEO.

Tip 3: Communicate changes and opportunities to your clients.  Yes, they do want to be kept in the loop. Too many of us (Agile Search Marketing included) years ago relied on our technologies and techniques and not on client communication. Granted, the tools, sources of information and suite of experts may not have been there like they are now but client communication is vital.

At Agile, our hope is that the client is served and our industry embraces SEO as key to client success.